Banishing Boredom

…Walking is always the same, putting one foot in front of the other. But the secret of that monotony is that it constitutes a remedy for boredom. Boredom is immobility of the body confronted with emptiness of mind. The repetitiveness of walking eliminates boredom, for, with the body active, the mind is no longer affected by its lassitude, no longer draws from its inertia the vague vertigo of an endless spiral. In a state of boredom one is always seeking something to do, despite the obvious futility of any activity. When walking, there is always something to do: walk. Or rather, no, there’s nothing more to do because one is just walking, and when one is going to a place or covering a route, one has only to keep moving. That is boringly obvious. The body’s monotonous duty liberates thought.

Frédéric Gros, A Philosophy of Walking


It arrives unknowingly.

Begging to be gone.

Then there is thought.

What is there to do…

That hasn’t been done?

The answer comes.


Anything could be done.

A space of possibility opens.

A prompt.

Which direction to move now?

To fall into endless thought,

Or to continue to walk.

So I walk.

Destination: unknown.


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