Wandering Worry

Worry was my mother’s mechanic, her mechanism for engaging with the machinery of living. Worry was an anchor for her, a hook, something to clutch on to in the world. Worry was a box to live inside of, worry a mechanism for evading the present, for re-creating the past, for dealing with the future.

Charles Yu, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe


No matter where we are,

No matter who we are,

It can grip us.

Hold us still.

Anchored in place.

The mind and body becomes enshrouded with fear.

Catastrophising becomes comfort.

These worries wander.

Some days I wonder when they will fade.

Maybe they will.

Maybe they won’t.

In that stillness,

All I can do is breathe.

The storm will pass.

It always does.

And though exhaustion may follow,

Calm returns.

Wherever you are today,


You are safe.

You always have been.

And you always will be.


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